Red Carpet Ready?
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Season 1, Episode 06
Air date March 19th, 2013

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Red Carpet Ready? is the 6th episode in Season 1  of The Face, airing March 19th, 2013.


The girls learn about the double elimination that will be taking place, and prepare to win the final campaign that will assure them a place in the finale. After the glitz and glamour of the red carpet, the winning coach must decide which two girls will be sent home. 

Test ShootEdit

"What's In Your Bag?" The episode's test shoot was all about being a memorable ambassador when representing a brand. Each of the six remaining models were given a bag that contained an undisclosed personal item. One at a time, the models pulled their item from the bag and explained what it was and what it meant to them.


Designer Guido Maria Kretshmer handpicked gowns for each of the models to wear to a red carpet event where they would talk with reporters, photographers, and fans. The guest judges were media journalist, William Norwich, and supermodel, Pat Cleveland.


Each week, the winning coach would get the opportunity to eliminate one girl put to elimination from the other two teams. Karolina won this episode's campaign, leaving Coco and Naomi put one of their team members up to elimination. This week they had to put up their two remaining contestants because the finale was just one episode away.

Karolina talked to Team Naomi, Zi Lin and Jocelyn first. She spoke to Zi Lin about the eye shadow mishap and told that she had come across like she didn’t know what she was talking about and that was a problem when representing a brand.

She told Jocelyn her answers to Wendy’s questions were just a simple yes or no, which didn’t allow her personality to shine through. This left Karolina wondering if Jocelyn wanted to win as badly as her competitors.

Then Karolina talked to Team Coco, Margaux and Stephanie. She asked Margaux why she was better than Stephanie. Margaux explained saying Stephanie came to The Face to learn but she came to win.

Stephanie fired back admitting she had come into the competition wondering if she could win but said she definitely came to win. And she felt like she was the total package and had done a better job than Margaux.

Then Karolina made her decision. She chose to keep Margaux and Zi Lin, and sent Stephanie and Jocelyn home.


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