Nadine Mendes
Age September 15, 1993 (age 20)
Height 1.80m (5'11")
Hometown London, England
Coach Caroline Winberg
Team Colour      Team Caroline
Placement 4/12
Individual Wins 2
Challenge Wins 4

Nadine Mendes was one of the 12 finalists on Season 1 of The Face U.K., who was a member of Team Caroline.


After only moving to the U.K. from her home land country of Portugal five years ago, not only has Nadine managed to fit in with the British culture but has quickly picked up the language and is now completely fluent as if she was born and raised in London. She hopes that her adaptability, intelligence and soft-spoken nature will make her a huge dominating threat in the competition, but one which won't be noticed until it's too late.

The Face U.K., Season 1Edit

Voting HistoryEdit

Nadine's Elimination History
Episode Eligible for
Week One Team Caroline Immune
Week Two Team Caroline Immune
Week Three Team Caroline Immune
Week Four No -
Week Five No -
Week Six -
Team Caroline Immune
Week Seven Eliminated by Max Factor
Eliminated, Week 7

Post The FaceEdit