Model Warfare
Coaches, here I come.
Season 1, Episode 02
Air date February 19th, 2013

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Model Warfare is the 2nd episode in Season 1  of The Face, airing February 19th, 2013.


The remaining contestants undergo a challenge for Vogue Eyewear, and pressure mounts as bickering begins to ravage Team Naomi. For the shoot, the models must shoot for a commercial in cosabella lingerie with their teammates. 

Test ShootEdit

"Vogue Eyewear" The eleven remaining models were given one-minute to strike as many poses as they could while wearing sunglasses and optical frames from the latest collection of Vogue eyewear. The model who took the highest number of usable poses would win the challenge and appear on Vogue’s website.

Jocelyn, Zi Lin, and Sandra, all Team Naomi, were in the bottom three. The top three were Margaux and Brittany from Team Coco and Madeleine from Team Karolina. Madeleine had the highest number of useable photos and won the challenge and a spot on Vogue’s website.


A 15-second TV commercial for international lingerie brand, Cosabella. The goal of the campaign was to represent the different sides of a Cosabella woman. The models were judged on individual and team performances.

Each team was given three styles of lingerie ranging from conservative to sweet to very sexy. It was up to the team to decide who would wear which piece of lingerie.


Each week, the winning coach would get the opportunity to eliminate one girl put to elimination from the other two teams. Naomi won this episode's campaign, leaving Coco and Karolina put one of their team members up to elimination.

Stephanie Lalanne and Christy Nelson were put of for elimination. Coco explained to Stephanie that she would face elimination for being the new one and the weakest link on the team. Christy was put up for elimination after not working as a team with the other members from team Karolina.

Naomi questioned if the competition was too much too soon for Stephanie and if Christy would have to be pushed in order to be transformed. Naomi decided to keep Stephanie for being perseverant and let Christy go because she didn't want to work as a team.


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